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          As Office Administrator & Speaker/Workshop Coordinator for Unity Church in Pontiac, I have had the privilege of scheduling and attending the “Launching from Good to Great” half-day workshop that Lori Prokop provided for us. Most certainly, Lori has proven herself to be a well informed, professional and highly motivating leader in her field.

Letter from Unity in Pontiac




          “In every workshop or class there are three primary elements that play into whether you will come away from the experience feeling that it was worth your time and effort to attend. The first is the workshop content. The second is the person delivering the material. The third is your willingness and receptivity as a participant for new ideas.

          Lori Prokop’s workshop delivers without question – here is a person who has walked the walk, who is down-to-earth, approachable, genuine; who can meet you at your level yet help you move up to the next. Lori Prokop delivers breakthrough content in a way that is easy to understand, simple to execute, yet promises to empower you to change your life in deeply meaningful ways. Lori Prokop will scratch your left-brain itch and inspire your right-brain to believe again in the inspired dreams you have for what your life can be.

          The third element of the workshop experience is up to you: If you are open to learning about breakthrough content that when applied, gives you an opportunity to change your life in enumerable ways, delivered by an old soul with a sweet new heart, then I encourage you to attend one of Lori Prokop’s workshops. You won’t be sorry and, like me, I am confident you will count it among the most worthwhile you have attended.”

Linda Leighton, Michigan




         “I highly recommend this seminar and the valuable information provided therein. Initially, some of my peers who were invited to this workshop commented that the seminar was not for them, as they had no history of “abuse”. 

          Yet, after attending the workshop and exploring Lori Prokop’s system of lifting one’s self out of feelings of frustration and fear which can routinely occur in one’s day-to-day life experiences, the very same people who were reluctant to attend, realized some clear and effective means by which to improve one’s outlook, attitude and expectation for a more positive, prosperous and peaceful lifestyle. 

         Lori Prokop has a, unique manner of communication and will provide an understanding of some complex healing principles in simple; understandable; even fun ways.

          Personally, I did suffer the most devastating of abuse as a child.  This workshop has given me valuable tools to assist me in ‘shifting’ the only thing that truly IS only mine to control: MY attitude, My outlook and MY feelings. 

          It is true, and not a simple overused cliché, that when one learns to change way one LOOKS at things, THE THINGS ONE LOOKS AT CHANGES.  A true shift that can take place given the appropriate, effective tools. 

          Lori Prokop has done the research.  She has asked the tough questions; traveled the difficult terrain and has returned with what I will call her ‘loving gift’.  Lori Prokop is here to share that gift and I strongly suggest that you consider taking advantage of what I am certain were many, many long hours, diligent work and Lori Prokop’s sincere desire to share what she has found; what she has manifested in her own successful personal and business life. 

          We can, by Lori Prokop’s sharing, learn to let go of painful situations.  We can learn how to ‘shift’ our attitude and outlook (even several times per day as desired/necessary); develop a healthy self-image and create brighter futures for ourselves as well as our loved ones.  If you want a better life, this workshop is a must!”

Ginger Atkyns, Paralegal


          “Lori Prokop is articulate, powerful, caring and thought-provoking, bringing to her workshops an incredible energy, warmth and compassion seen only in those who truly believe in their mission. Lori Prokop has passion for bringing her material to life; whether for groups of hundreds or for just a couple. Lori Prokop's love of research lends credibility to her work and I've watched her material truly touch and change hearts. We definitely will invite Lori Prokop for a return visit.”

Rev. Sandra McKinney
Unity Christ Center in Eau Claire

           “Had I known at 20 what this information could do for me, many things in my life that were difficult would have been easy. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this information, but it did feel better almost immediately. Then, within 24 hours I received an unexpected $500. Within 7 days, I receive a phone call from a major company asking me to submit a proposal to do business with them. This was a company I had been trying to get the attention of for years to no avail. It just wasn’t working until I changed my vibration and it quickly changed my life for the better.”
Dr. James Talley, Oklahoma
          “We had a very large turn out for the How to Heal Abuse workshop. Every attendee was thrilled beyond expectation. How to Heal Abuse received 100% positive comment from all attendees.

          I have attended and hosted a lot of workshops over the years and there is no program better at helping people who have suffered heal themselves and create what they want in their lives than How to Heal Abuse. The program exceeded my expectations.

          Lori Prokop took a very complex subject and presented them in a way each attendee could understand and use to improve their lives now. How to Heal Abuse provided tools for attendees to rejuvenate and re-energize their entire lives — mind, body and spirit.

          I watched as attendees removed years of pain and limiting beliefs that were stopping them from having what they want in their lives. How to Heal Abuse provides immediate tools that people can use to reclaim their lives and create positive change for the better that lasts.

          I highly recommend this workshop and information.”

Rev. Roy Ayers,
Unity of Today
Mount Vernon, Washington

          “Lori Prokop’s presentation was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like the Life Guidance System. As a professional business speaker and trainer, I’ve been telling people for years that how they think creates their results. Now this Life Guidance System chart proves it. You’ve got to see this.”

Scott Hunter, Speaker, Trainer and Author of “Making Work Work” www.scotthunter.com
          “Highly recommended! Now, with this information, it is never too late to repair the damage and hurts people have caused themselves and others. The program is wonderful for people in all walks of life giving us powerful tools that have us reaching inward, doing some gentle and safe rearranging and becoming people of the Light. Thank you, Lori Prokop, for taking the time in your life for putting this incredible program together!”
Bill Broughton, workshop attendee
“On the journey with Lori Prokop you’ll discover what I have: she is kind, generous, and willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. Lori Prokop will take you by the hand and walk step by step with you. She cares deeply about your happiness and well-being.”
Dr. Paula Fellingham, Ed.D., www.PaulaFellingham.com
Author, Speaker and Founder “Women Celebrating Life”

          “I can't begin to tell you how inspiring I found your presentation.  Being an entrepreneur, the information that you shared was invaluable.  Your straightforward, creative approach is both motivating and empowering.  I feel like I finally have an edge on my competition. I can’t wait to read your books!”
Lori Herold, Business Owner and Jeweler
          “I was at a crossroads, not happy with my relationship or career. In one hour using this information, I received the exact, step-by-step answers to my questions. In one week I had a new job where my salary doubled. I feel safer and in control of creating the kind of lasting love I desire. I highly recommend this. If you have life questions you want accurate answers to read this book now.     
Justin Godfrey, Wisconsin
          “On behalf of Barnes & Noble in Roseville (Minnesota), I wish to thank Lori Prokop for a highly successful seminar and book signing.  Lori Prokop has a gift of positive thinking and speaking, and judging from the many questions you fielded for an hour afterwards, a valuable message to share.  We look forward having Lori Prokop back for a repeat performance.”
Connie Balcom,  Barnes and Noble Community Relations Manager
          “If you are living a life that is too hectic for you but you need to keep working to pay the bills, Lori Prokop can show you how to create an awesome life that results in cash flow, wealth and an abundance of time freedom.”
Eileen Cohen,  Salesperson of the Year
          “Lori Prokop represents a new breed, delivering innovative information in a meaningful, practical and coherent manner. Undoubtedly one of the most dynamic, result-producing presentations I’ve ever attended.”
Ken Kerr,  President Admark, Inc. and former Creative Director for Walt Disney Theme Parks Worldwide for EPCOT Center and Disneyland Tokyo  
          “Finally, an analytical but easily explained way to understand how the brain works to create success. The Rules of Abuse™ and the Success Center in the brain, how it works and how I can control it were life-changing. This will help improve my relationships. This would apply and help nations and organizations and their leaders.”
          “I am now able to connect with my intuition and get my own accurate answers… how many books I’ve read trying to do this and your presentation was the answer! This will help me have better relationships with my husband and children. I learned how to move from poverty thinking to great riches. Very complete presentation. Great Job!!!”
          “This was an excellent presentation. The Rules of Abuse™ and how they affect us was new, breakthrough information. Now I have a better sense of why I struggle and know what I can do about it. I have a sense of more control over myself and my life.”
          “Thank you. I learned the various ways to be a millionaire and the real desires behind wanting to be one. I feel this has given me personal access to million dollar results using my own intuitive abilities. I identified and removed the blocks to my intuition. The exercise showed my life purposes. This presentation gave me the tools to move forward with peaceful confidence that I am receiving accurate intuition and it is leading me correctly.”
          “The exercises were really insightful to quickly understand where many of my lack of money and self-sabotage comes from, where I’m storing it in my brain and how to stop and reverse its hold on me.”
          “The most important things I learned today were I have to look inward to solve my outward problems in dealing with difficult people, understanding the importance of the Success Center (in the brain) and the Rules of Abuse™ in reacting to situations and how to connect with and know my intuition is correct.”
          “I learned how to get rid of old commitments and mindsets that are keeping me from having the life I wanted. Thank you for taking the time to care so much for us.”
          “I learned I was on the right path and how to compassionately say ‘no’ to others. It has increased my confidence, compassion and knowledge.”
          “The Rules of Abuse™ were groundbreaking new information. Really helped me. May the love shine on you as your love shined on all of us!”

          “Wow! I learned how to mentally be aware of how the Rules of Abuse™ come to play in our behaviors and interactions. I learned how to connect with my inner voice, trust my intuition and be strong enough to walk away or say no to unhealthy situations or people. Thank you for being so positive and for having 100% pure love in your heart. We need more of this in our world.”